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You can have some fun with this as well! You can't save the world in your circumstances and people who have unacceptable agendas may be opposed to some new possibilities you suggest. Let them eat their words when they realise the true meaning of life.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, August 7

If you're having a dispute with someone you love, stick to the point. Slow, methodical thinking will help overcome any relationship difficulties. This requires patience on your part. Others may be faster at doing work but you prefer to avoid errors at this stage. Both appear equally tantalising and enjoyable, if only for the time being. You have no patience for those whose conservative, unimaginative outlook limits theirs OR your capacity to broaden your horizons. An early coup for the site was the publication of articles by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Bill Clinton and the Whitewater controversy.

The availability of the articles online brought a large American audience to the site. In , the Clinton administration issued a page report that accused Evans-Pritchard of peddling "right-wing inventions". Derek Bishton , who by then had succeeded Rooney as editor, later wrote: Edward Roussel replaced Burton.

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My Telegraph offers a platform for readers to have their own blog, save articles, and network with other readers. The Telegraph began publishing, in instalments from 8 May , certain MPs' expenses. The Telegraph justified the publication of the information because it contended that the official information due to be released would have omitted key information about redesignating of second-home nominations. Its investigation on the expenses scandal was named the "Scoop of the Year" in , with William Lewis winning "Journalist of the Year". In , following a letter in The Daily Telegraph and a Government report highlighting the shortfall in care available for premature babies, Bliss , the special care baby charity, was founded.

In , as part of the Bliss 30th birthday celebrations, the charity was chosen as one of four beneficiaries of the newspaper's Christmas Charity Appeal. The newspaper runs a charity appeal every Christmas, choosing different charities each year. In July , the Daily Telegraph was criticised for carrying links on its website to pro-Kremlin articles supplied by a Russian state-funded publication that downplayed any Russian involvement in the downing of the passenger jet Malaysia Airlines Flight Oborne accused the paper of a "form of fraud on its readers" [11] for its coverage of the bank HSBC in relation to a Swiss tax-dodging scandal that was widely covered by other news media.

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He alleged that editorial decisions about news content had been heavily influenced by the advertising arm of the newspaper because of commercial interests. Oborne cited other instances of advertising strategy influencing the content of articles, linking the refusal to take an editorial stance on the repression of democratic demonstrations in Hong Kong to the Telegraph 's support from China. Additionally, he said that favourable reviews of the Cunard cruise liner Queen Mary II appeared in the Telegraph , noting: This episode looked to many like a plug for an advertiser on a page normally dedicated to serious news analysis.

I again checked and certainly Telegraph competitors did not view Cunard's liner as a major news story. Cunard is an important Telegraph advertiser. In October , a number of major western news organisations whose coverage has irked Beijing were excluded from Xi Jinping's speech event launching new politburo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British daily broadsheet newspaper. This article is about the British newspaper. For other uses, see The Telegraph.

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  • In December , the Press Council upheld the complaints on all three articles, forcing The Telegraph to publish the adjudication; [56] [57] the Council also published the following statement in regards to the issue:. In December , The Sunday Telegraph published two articles about former Labor leader Mark Latham and an alleged argument he had with his child's swimming teacher. Mr Latham complained to the Australian Press Council that there was a conflict of interest which should have been disclosed as the reporter was the daughter of one of the swim teachers at the school.

    Mr Latham also complained that the articles breached the privacy of his family, especially his young children, and were not in the public interest; the Press Council upheld the complaint and published the following statement extract only :. The Council also found that there had been an "unreasonable intrusion on the children's privacy" and upheld that aspect of the complaint.

    Another headline stated 'Detainee Deluge for Sydney'; this prompted a complaint to the Australian Press Council , which was upheld. The Press Council published the following statement extract only :. The complainant argued that the articles provided unbalanced coverage and that many of the headlines and phrases were opinion rather than fact; the Press Council upheld the complaint in part and published the following statement extract only :.

    This adjudication marked the 4th complaint to have been upheld against The Daily Telegraph under the editorship of Paul Whittaker, since commencing the role in April Following the resignation of Fairfax commentator Mike Carlton , The Daily Telegraph published a 2-page spread attacking Carlton and competing newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald ; the spread included a composited image of Boston Marathon bombing victim James Costello, with Mr Carlton's face and wearing an Arab headdress.

    The photoshopped image portrayed Carlton 'escaping Gaza'; the image manipulation drew widespread criticism on social media, and forced the editor to apologise, saying he was unaware of the origin of the image. On Sundays, its counterpart is The Sunday Telegraph. A front-page headline said of the second Rudd Government "Finally, you now have the chance to kick this mob out"; [64] [65] the paper's high-profile columnists are predominantly conservative, including Piers Akerman , Miranda Devine, Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt. A Roy Morgan media credibility survey found that 40 per cent of journalists viewed News Limited newspapers as Australia's most partisan media outlet, ahead of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on 25 per cent; the survey found that readers took a generally dim view of journalists.

    In response to the question "Which newspapers do you believe do not accurately and fairly report the news? In the election, the Daily Telegraph ran stories that were pro Coalition 11 stories that leaned the other way. The Telegraph is edited by Christopher Dore.

    Horoscopes by Oscar Cainer | Daily Telegraph

    The Daily Telegraph website hosts the blogs of several columnists. Readership data from Enhanced Media Metrics Australia EMMA October report shows that the Daily Telegraph has total monthly readership of 4,, people via print and digital, compared to 7,, people for its primary competitor, the Sydney Morning Herald. The Daily Telegraph's, weekday print newspaper circulation fell from , in June [6] to , in June As of February , third-party web analytics provider Alexa ranked The Daily Telegraphs's website as the rd most visited website in Australia down from 90th in July [73].

    South East Queensland South East Queensland is a bio-geographical and administrative region of the state of Queensland in Australia , which contains 3. The area covered by South East Queensland varies, depending on the definition of the region, though it tends to include Queensland's three largest cities: the capital city Brisbane , its most common use is for political purposes, covers 22, square kilometres and incorporates 11 local government areas, extending kilometres from Noosa in the north to the Gold Coast and New South Wales border in the south, kilometres west to Toowoomba.

    South East Queensland was the first part of Queensland to be explored by Europeans. Settlements arose in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas with activity by European immigrants spreading in all directions from there. Various industries such as timber cutting and agriculture developed at locations around the region from the s onwards.

    Transport links have been shaped by the range of terrains found in South East Queensland. The economy of South East Queensland supports and relies on a wide diversity of agricultural manufacturing industries and tourism. The region has TransLink. South East Queensland, classified as an interim Australian bioregion , comprises 7,, hectares and includes the Moreton Basin , South Burnett , the Scenic Rim along with ten other biogeographic subregions; the term South East Queensland has no equivalent political representation.

    The area covers many lower house seats at the federal and state levels; as Queensland has no upper house, there are no Legislative Council provinces or regions to bear the name either. South East Queensland was home to around 20, Aboriginals prior to British occupation; the local tribes of the area were the Yuggurapul of the Central Brisbane area.

    According to history researchers the Aboriginal population declined to around 10, over the next 60 years.

    Jonathan Cainer found dead at his York home | YorkMix

    Around , European settlers were able to move into the region. Logging was the first industry to develop. The first railway built in Queensland linked Grandchester to Ipswich in along a narrow mm gauge. Major floods were experienced in , and In , the region suffered its worst drought in recorded history. Queensland's third highest peak, Mount Barney , is located in the south of the region; the Cunningham Highway passes southwest to the Darling Downs via Cunninghams Gap. Several highways including the Bruce Highway , Warrego Highway and the Pacific Motorway link to the adjoining regions; the region is mountainous. Isolated volcanic peaks are found at the Glass House Mountains.

    Several major water supply and flood mitigation dams have been constructed here. South East Queensland consists of the following regions, each of, a local government area : Brisbane — the capital and largest city of Queensland; the Brisbane metropolitan area consists of the City of Brisbane , as well as the following local governments: Ipswich City — an outer-suburban city with an industrial and mining heritage west of Brisbane.

    Logan City — a residential area between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Redland City — a residential and agricultural area on the shores of Moreton Bay to the south-east of Brisbane. City of Gold Coast — a major tourist and retirement destination to the south of Brisbane, the largest non-capital city in Australia.

    Sunshine Coast Region — a coastal tourist and agricultural region to the north of Brisbane; the Glass House Mountains are a symbol of this region. West Moreton , a rural area in the Great Dividing Range consisting of: Toowoomba City — the Toowoomba city is included in both the South East Queensland region and within Western Downs region due to its importance to both regions as a gateway city providing access to the west of the state.